What They're Doing and Why: an individual transparency update

We demand less transparency from EA individuals than from EA organizations. There are some good reasons for this. Broadcasting one's activities is costly, and most EAs have fewer resources and their activities are smaller in scope than the EA organizations. Moreover, personal values are complex and it's often difficult to spell out the exact reasons for your actions. However, it is good that some EAs offer us a window into their lives and thought processes and recieve feedback so that their activities can be improved. Here are some such examples:


Tom Ash:

Ryan Carey:

Eric Friedman:

Peter Hurford:

Jeff Kaufman:

Ben Kuhn:

Will MacAskill:

Julia Wise:

EA Groups

.Impact Contributors:

Cogito Mentoring:

Giving What We Can members:

  • Members. Each Giving What We Can member has pledged to give 10% to where it will do the most to eliminate poverty in the developing world)

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  • Members. Each 80000 member has pleged to use their career to make a bigger difference.

So when someone asks you what EAs actually do, please forward them here. Alternatively, email me to be included on this list.